We at D&H Industries, LLC are here to provide a safe and clean park for your owner occupied mobile home.  With more than 25 years of experience, our company has built a reputation for providing superior property management.


When it comes to affordability a mobile home offers the ultimate savings.  The initial cost is considerably less expensive than a traditional home, but it has all of the amenities.  Featuring more space than most apartments, today's mobile homes are affordable and comfortable.  The monthly lot rent is also very reasonable.



          MOBILE HOME...

Our parks are both located in beautiful Harford County, Maryland.

Hickory Village has 71 lots and is convenient to schools, dining, and shopping in Bel Air. 

Bush River Manor has 182 lots and is nestled in a lovely wooded area in Perryman, just minutes from the river. 

Welcome To The Neighborhood

Your home and neighborhood say a lot about you.

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